martedì 23 agosto 2011

Meeting: Ghostbusters: Chicago Division at Wizard World Chicago

"The brave folks at GB:CD risk exposure to con-funk to bring you this report (not at all) live from Wizard World Chicago Comic-con in Rosemont, IL. Come for the Ecto-Cooler, stay for the lavish dance numbers!"

When we started Ghostbusters: Chicago Division, we started out with little money and alot of anticipation. Dr. Ed Ulatoski and Dr. Bryan Howell started on one side of Tinley Park, Illinois, and Dan Shannon started on the other side of the same town. Knowing little on each others hardships, both groups of up-starting Ghostbusters franchises soon found each other in the same town.
Over-hearing a conversation between both the good doctors at a restaurant known as Bakers Square, Dan Shannon walked up to them, and presented himself as a fellow paranormal-enthusiast also starting a Chicago-based franchise of Ghostbusters International. From then on, all three men banded together to form one franchise office.
After almost a year of of hard labor and work... We were in.

10/31/02: Official FranchiseCongratulations! You have been accepted as the 29th Ghostbusters International franchise. As chief financial officer of this corporation, let me welcome you to our large and ever-growing family of hard working, tax paying citizens who have devoted themselves to a lifetime of public service and community activity.
Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments about our investment services, stock options, tax shelters, Bahamian vacations, expense accounts, or other matters. Below you will find a copy of the legalagreement between GBI and your office, please keep this copy for your records.
Late payments to your franchise accounts will be brought to your attention promptly.
Louis B. TullyExecutive Financial OfficerGhostbusters International

We had finally became an Official Franchise under GBI's long-standing Financial Officer Louis Tully's judgment.

After almost 10 years, we added a new shift of Ghostbusters to the team creating a new Ghostbusters: Chicago Division, making a grand attempt to keep us the best Ghostbusters International has ever produced. Today there are two shifts of Ghostbusters in the old Chicago Chinatown Firehouse working both a Daytime crew and a Nighttime crew with a total of 8 active members. We hope to keep the Windy City clean for years to come.

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