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"Interviews Ghostheads" Fabrizio Fioretti creator of amazing CGI Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°25 (2012)  "Interviews Ghostheads" Fabrizio Fioretti   creator of amazing CGI Ghostbusters

Hi Fabrizio, tell us something about you, your hobbies and passions.
Mainly, I am a 3D artist. I specialized in the 3D field after I obtained a diploma in arts at the Istituto d’Arte of Ancona, city where I grew up and lived for many years.
Since I was a kid, like many people from my industry, I always had a passion for comics, cinema and illustration. These passions and a desire for experience pushed me to move to the UK in 2007 where I still live with my fiancee’ Irena.
After arriving here in London, I started working for an advertising studio and two years ago I stepped into the cinema industry by working at BlueBolt vfx as a visual effects artist.

Whilst working for BlueBolt vfx I have had the chance to work for big and interesting productions such as the first season of the HBO’s Game Of Thrones and movies such as Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows and the recent Snow White And The Huntsman. In simple words what I do is create in CG what is not on the set (e.g. buldings, set extensions, veichles, characters, etc...).
It has been a fantastic experience.
My job is also my hobby. In my free time, evening or weekends I always work on personal projects, from traditional drawings to 3D illustrations.
It’s not always easy to explain what I do.
On my website ( you can find some example of my artwork.

A couple of years ago, the Ghostbusters community went crazy about you fabulous work: the 4 Ghostbusters in 3D as an ipotetical TV series. Tell us how the project was born and how did you realize them.
Ghostbusters have always been an obsession to me!
I've always been in love with their props and always dreamed of owning a proton pack... then, a couple of years ago I started building 3D!
Then again I told myself... “You know what? I want to see them in CG in a cartoony style like Sony Pictures Animation or Pixar would do...” Of course not at that level...but I worked hard and after a year and several sleepless nights, here are the “boys  in grey” CGI version!

The project wasn’t born, it has always been there for 25 years!
After posting them on Deviantart (site for artists)... slowly I realized my images were going worldwide and receiving positive feedback. I was very pleased.
They spread even more when my illustrations were posted on the cinema web site and the italian, both of which I still thank.
I love the Ghostbusters and I was sure fans would appreciate the images, especially because I imagined them with the mind of a big GBs fan!
For the creation I used the 3D software Maya, Zbrush for sculpting and Photoshop for comp, effects and final retouch.

How has your passion for the Ghostbusters started?
It may sound weird but I still remember the day my parents took to see the Masterpiece. I was so little!
Today, when I think about it, I am not sure it was really suitable for kids... but hey! Doesn't matter now.
Since then I’ve always had this big passion for the Ghostbusters. I consider the movie totally genius, from several points of view. There is everything in there: irony, sci fi, horror, catastrophe, love, comedy...
Then, at 32, you realize that you are not the only one. Huge communities of passionate people pushed by the will to recreate, remember and live the movie through parades, fanmade shorts and props, comics (let me mention the amazing style of Dapper Dan Schoening on IDW GBs!) and charities.
After so many years the Ghostbusters phenomenon can still bring smiles and positivity.

Future projects?
Future projects? Well...when I was 16y old I dreamed of working in cinema. I am now 32 and my dream came true! This has always been my main “future project”.
I guess now I will probably concentrate on starting my own family and at the same time to keep carrying on improving as a professional and an artist.
Maybe I will come up with another illustration from my personal Ghostbusters series! And of course if the so-long rumored Ghostbusters III will start, I will be knocking on the door of whichever studio is going to work on the visual effects with my CV!

I wish to thanks GBMax from for giving me the opportunity to share my passion and art with other millions of fans around the globe. You are all amazing!
See ya!
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