La creatività non ha confini. Ecco i fan film realizzati dai fans di Ghostbusters.

Creativity has no boundaries. Here are the films made by fans for fans Ghostbusters.

Kevin Gets A Proton Pack


Business Is Business 2010

Bustin Makes Me Feel Good - 1st Ghostbusters fanfilm ever!

CNC Ghostbusters Get Animated fan movie trailer.wmv

Ghostbusters of the School of Music 2007

Mindhouse Josh: Ghostbusters 2010

Ghostbusters Return

Fan film episode

Knoxville Ghostbusters: The Series - Episode 1 2009

Ghostbusters of LA

Ghostbusters Game ai confini del paranormale 2009

Ghostbusters Game to the borders of the paranormal (For GBMania subtitled in English)

I Ghostbusters Italiani 2008

Ghostbusters al Movieland 2007

Paranormal Blockbuster 2011
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