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GBToys: Final Collector Appreciation Tour Winners Named at NYCC

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Toy Fans,
New York City was the last stop for our 2011’s Collector Appreciation Tour. You know what they say about the Big Apple ... if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, so we're thrilled to reveal the two collectors who made it as winners of the New York “Best Local Collection” Contest and the “City Celebration” Contest!

“Best Local Collection” Contest Winner Andy Bentley, Albany, NY
“abuddah” on the Matty Forums
"I originally wanted to do a panoramic view of the JLU carded collection. It didn't quite pan out and I realized I had much more Mattel product to show!" With a collection of over 1,000 toys that includes JLU, MOTU, Ghostbusters™, Batman, and DC Universe Classics, we asked what got him started collecting. "It was probably He-Man or Skeletor. I had a decent MOTU collection as a kid and unfortunately, they were sold in a garage sale." Luckily, Andy didn't let that stop him. "That's really part of what makes collecting the new line so much fun."
Andy, a graphic designer, says his family tolerates his obsession pretty well. In fact, he remembers pleading as a child for his dad to bring him back a MOTU figure from a trip. "He returned with Spikor, and I was elated. So Horsemen and Toyguru, lets get to Spikor! I also loved the original packaging of the MOTU line, and I think that might've started me down the path of graphic design." On behalf of the team, we're glad to have been an inspiration. Congrats on your win!

 “City Celebration” Contest Winner Jeremy Sanchez, Woodhaven, NY
“Jermz” on the Matty ForumsWho you gonna call when it's time to pick the winner of the "City Celebration" Contest? For his entry featuring his Ghostbusters™ collection, we called Jeremy Sanchez! It's no surprise when we asked him how he got the idea for his entry he quoted Ray Stantz. "I couldn't help it... it just popped in there." He continues, "I visited the famous library from the movie, and tried to figure out the best way to utilize the figures I'd brought along."
With over 200 toys in his collection, Jeremy definitely favors the Ghostbusters™ line. When asked about his favorite toy, he replies, "I would have to say my TRU exclusive Ghostbusters 2 set. It brings me back to being 4 years-old and watching the movie in theaters with my mom and sister." And his opinion on the best recent Mattel toy? "Not to sound one-track minded, but Ghostbusters™. It's such an amazing line to me, mainly because of the attached nostalgia, but also because of the massive potential for expansion."
Although his family thinks he's crazy for having his collection, they think it's cool nonetheless. So do we, Jeremy!
Like our previous contest winners, both Andy and Jeremy had their winning submissions displayed at NYCC and they’ll both receive a prize package filled with $500 worth of Mattel action figures! Want to congratulate them? Click here.
That wraps it up for our’s Collector Appreciation Tour 2011. We've had a complete blast reviewing all the incredible submissions. We'd like to congratulate all the winners and thank each and every one of you for your creative and inspiring entries!


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