martedì 1 novembre 2011

Special GB Halloween 2011: The ring Alternate Ending - A Ghostbusters Parody and Grudgebusters by Ghostbusters SLC

Anyone who watches the the ring has only 7 days to live before Samara comes to find them.

The Ring is the tale of an unstoppable evil, and it's selected one more victim...

This project was done for a final project in a University After Effects course. It is displayed purely for educational and entertainment purposes.

Who ya gonna call?

The Grudge tells the story a curse that consumes all of it's victims in the grip of a powerful rage.
Legends say that this course cannot be stopped.................... we disagree.

Link: Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Marcus of the SLC Ghostbusters

Directed & Produced by Jonathan Rudy

Director of Photography:
Casey Wilson

Camera and Lighting:
Josh Contor, Aaron Carson

Sindee Savage, Chandler Wakefield, Jonathan Rudy

Edited by:
Jonathan Rudy, Wess Roberts

Special Thanks:
Scott Silver. Without you, none of these
videos ever would have been made
Wess Roberts for letting us use his ghost trap!

This video was done for a Digital Media final project. It is displayed purely for educational and entertainment purposes.

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