giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Fan Props: Ghostbusters Proton Pack with full lights and sound - by Cory


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"Here's my (finished?) proton pack with full lights and sound. It has an aluminum motherboard, fiberglass shell, resin thrower and mostly resin trim pieces.

The electronics consist of:
- R2Devo v7 combo light kit
- GBFans sound chip with Crix's breakout board
- 7 watt amplifier
- 4" speaker mounted inside the N-filter (for built-in sound venting)

The Booster Tube houses 2 battery packs. One 12v pack of 8AA batteries (for the light kit and amplifier) and one 3v pack of 2AA batteries (for the sound chip).

I've wired it so I can run just lights only (to increase battery life), or I can run full lights and sound. The volume is adjustable from the pot exposed between the motherboard and alice frame.

For some reason, when I power up the sound system, it plays a sound... I need to figure a way to make this not happen (or I'll have to wire up a button to just play the VG shutdown sound or something to kill sound after I turn the system on).

Thanks for watching!"

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