venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

Fan Art: Slimer 3D Wall Art

Limited Edition: Only 45 pieces were made
Hand Signed & Numbered by artist 
Poster Size Dimensions : 28"W x 40"H x 10"D 
Medium : Rigid Silicone Rubber 
Artwork Color : White 

This Slimer Wall Art is cast with Rigid Silicone Rubber (New Casting Method)
6mm thickness very durable weighs in at 5kg total. Same size with the Batman Demon Wall Art

The sculpt was inspired by the character Slimer from Ghostbusters movie(1984) 
Actual 3D and an original sculpt by the artist himself not a recast. 

You can hang this 3D artwork on any wall easily just like a poster very sturdy.
It gives an appearance that the slimer is coming out of the wall.

This Slimer 3D wall art will definitely make a great display for any interior space. 

For more information, please email:


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