venerdì 25 maggio 2012

Meeting: Ontario Ghostbusters and the Cross the Streams at the Comic Book Shoppe

"Independent comic book stores all across North America gave away free comic books on Saturday to help celebrate the 10th annual Free Comic Book Day. Ottawa's The Comic Book Shoppe saw a long line of waiting fans that snaked from outside of their Bank Street doors to around the corner. Some comic book fans celebrated the day in style by wearing their best superhero duds. With the long anticipated cinematic release of The Avengers and Ottawa's first ComicCon, the 10th Annual Free Comic Book Day made the week even sweeter to be a comic book fan in Ottawa. Centretown News talked comic books and costumes with The Comic Book Shoppe's Jody Haucke and members of the Ontario Ghostbusters."

Matt Prov and Brendan Mertens (Cross the Streams)


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