sabato 27 ottobre 2012

Ecto Con - November 30 - December 2, 2012

Ecto Con is, simply put, a convention for fans of Ghostbusters. 30 Novembre - 2 Dicembre, 2012
Holiday Inn Southwest - Viking

It will be a small event. We hope for 75-100 attendees and will plan for the possibility of up to 200 attendees. Ecto Con badges will include access to the main events room, three panel rooms, a hallway full of vendors and fan tables, and a con suite where snacks will be served most of the day.
We'll have panels and events geared toward both adults and their kids, so don't be afraid to bring your family. Programming that is appropriate for all ages will be marked in the program book.
Ecto Con is run by the staff of Kawa Kon, a group of fan volunteers who have run conventions in St. Louis for over five years. Kawa Kon's goal is to create an atmosphere of fun and immersion, where attendees really feel like the convention is about them.
One of Kawa Kon's chairs, Mikhail Lynn, is in charge of Ecto Con. As a life-long Ghostbusters fan, he has wanted to host a Ghostbusters convention for years.

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