martedì 11 ottobre 2011

GBSite: New franchise Ghostbusters France!

"Hello S.O.S. Ghosts?"

Welcome aboard the website of the French section of Ghostbusters, paranormal eliminators in New York also have their hexagonal counterparts, a team of true professionals ectoplasmic capture and most importantly, passionate about the gigantic and unfathomable universe of Ghostbusters.

France is the Ghostbusters franchise to contact, whether it's a poltergeist in case you tickle the feet at night, where if you want to invite a Birthday Party for small privileged nine fans Musclor.

Oh, I forgot, we are here to save France, I hope you know, to discover who we are, please go to "members", then you can join us on the "Forum", or, for novices, the "rookies", the blues, see the sections that deal with S.O.S. Ghosts "1" and "2" or even the "cartoons".

Enjoy your visit, the paranormal, this is our daily bread ...
Dr. "Peter Venkman" Kaison


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