venerdì 30 marzo 2012

GBMania Exclusive: Article by Angela Williams of "Minions of Gozer"!

GBMania is honored to publish the article by Angela Williams (Producer, Creator, Ensemble Minions of Gozer). Angela tells us about two shows on March 23rd & 24th have been a great success.

Last weekend the Minions of Gozer, a Live Ghostbusters Shadowcast (think the Rocky Horror Picture Show meets the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) returned to the IFC Center in New York City's West Village for a second run of our midnight show. Having sold out our opening weekend at the IFC back in November of 2011, we were extremely excited to return for another two shows on March 23rd & 24th. We packed the house on Friday night and sold out our third show ever on Saturday. If the audience had half as much fun as we did, then we gave them a night to remember! 

We came to the IFC locked and loaded with lots of silly string (18 cans for each show) and armed with our entire original cast plus three new members. We also brought some new characters and new props. We spent four weeks in rehearsal before the show bringing the new cast up to speed, adding new characters, like Albert Einstein and J. Edgar Hoover to the script, and making arrangements for a 6'9" Marshmallow Man to travel to NYC all the way from his homebase in CT. Barely squeezing down the aisles, Kyle's Pasciutti's Stay Puft delighted hundreds of Ghostbusters fans and stepped on at least three churches on his way to the front of the house.

March 23, 2012 – March 24, 2012
Both shows were preceeded by a live pre-show created by Minion Jason Carubia. The cast donned black sunglasses and fedoras and brought the house down with Soul Man. Blues Brothers Ryan Espin, Lou Gaudio (Friday) and Eliko Aharon (Saturday) danced and sang with Slimer and GB's Bruce Lemon and Jake Turner. After the bridge they were joined by the entire cast for a dance number choreographed by Minion Dana Gallagher. Each night one lucky guest won a prize pack in our ticket raffle and went home with a Matty Collector action figure, a Minions of Gozer t-shirt, poster, buttons and other fun treats. As is fast becoming a show tradition, audience members in the 'Splash Zone' (the first 2 rows) had a chance to participate in the show; they were pulled up to be sponges, eggs, disco dancers and citizens of New York. Trap packs, brown paper bags filled with props, were available for sale in the lobby, which allowed everyone to participate by throwing Crunch bars or candy hearts during specific moments in the movie. It was almost unreal how much fun we had in November, so getting to the do the show again was a dream come true for us, and making the audience smile was worth every bit of work put into the production.

Now that the weekend is done, we're going to get some rest, and then its back to work! We've got some fun videos and contests planned, as well as some fun activities for fans and Kickstarter backers, not to mention planning our big summer show! 

The Minions of Gozer are produced by Angela Williams and Ryan Espin. Eryn Roberts directs with the assistance of Angela Williams and Production Manager Rachel Gordon. The Minions of Gozer are created by Angela Williams, who feels super lucky that hundreds of New Yorkers think this is just as fun as she does. 

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