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Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Jorge of the Southern California Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°12 (2012)"Interviews Ghostheads" Jorge of The Southern California Ghostbusters

Jorge, tell us about you. Who are you? What do you do? Do you have other hobbies?
I'm a freelance artist. I hop around from different gigs - some ranging from digital art and some range to painting on canvas. My hobbies consist of costuming, reading marvel comics, and tinkering in other art mediums. Currently including Vinylmations and T-Shirt Designs.
RedVirtue Vinylmation ArtsRedVirtue Paranormal Apparel

How was the passion for GB born?
Oh geez. Isn't everyone's story either watching the movie or the '86 cartoon?  Well I was a year old when the movie was released in theaters. My parents went to see it at the local drive-in theater and I was in the back seat. Who knew that the sounds of that movie would be a part of my life for my entire life afterwards and a part of my psyche as a child lol. I loved the cartoon as a kid.

What's your favorite episode?
Oh gosh. There's so many good ones. Citizen Ghost would probably be it. Though the Christmas Carol inspired episode is fantastic as well and deserves an honorable mention.

Why and when did you start to create your equipment?
Believe it or not I eventually got over the Ghostbusters thing. There wasn't any new media produced and I could only read about a rumored Ghostbusters 3 for so long (funny how that hasn't changed). I moved on with life.
But in 2008 I heard a new Ghostbusters game was coming out for next-gen consoles and I was ecstatic! By the time the game was released in 2009 it was everything a fan could ask for and it opened up that special place in me Ghostbusters still had. Around that time I started working on a costume since October was growing near.

I was invited by Vincent Nordone to this "Boo Parade" the same year and I participate with the So-Cal Ghostbusters and the Westcoast Ghostbusters. At first I was pretty worried about my image lol. But it was so much fun and the crowd was feeding off of us being there it became very exciting! I eventually became an official member of the So-Cal Busters shortly after. I guess I make a good first impression.

We see that you've participated in many events. Wich has been your favourite event until now and why?
Well we've done a lot of conventions and we've done some charity walks. One against animal cruelty and another against cancer. All of those were fun or very important. But I have a soft spot for that first parade. Dan Aykroyd was even doing a signing nearby so that day was a double-wammy! After the parade and all the photos with fans we drove up with Bryan Fear's ecto and made a big splash at the signing. Dan told the security to let us in right away. I'm sure he was pleasantly surprised that day! People there for the signing kept asking if we came with Dan haha.

Bryan's Ecto
What does it mean to be a Ghosthead?
It means to be an oober-geek of biblical proportions and be okay with that.

What does it mean to you Ghostbusters group?
It's nice to be in this group. I've made good friends becoming a part of it.

Marching Ghost
What are your plans for 2012?
Well I just made a new shirt you can check out! I'm publicly announcing it here first! It features the ghost from the intro of the Real Ghost Busters. He's strutting his stuff doing that march he does before becoming the No-Ghost logo.

Tell us about Redvirtue Paranormal Apparel?
You know, I'm surprised I haven't shared my artistic abilities with the GB community sooner besides some prop replicas. Now I'm using my two-dimensional artwork to benefit the community. It's just something I do with my spare time. Hop you guys like them!

Now, to conclude, do you want to say “hallo” to all the fans in the world?
Word up to the So-Cal and Westcoast GBs! You all rock my socks!


Those pictures are from the Relay For Life we did recently
for the fight against Cancer. Robin Shelby was there as well.

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