martedì 15 maggio 2012

Props: Ghostbusters life size Slimer Prop. RARE! glows in dark!

Previous News Articles: FanArt: Silmer for Miami 305 Ghostbusters by Killer Design

"This is a fan made wall-hanging Slimer prop.
I made one kind of like this for the MIAMI 305 GHOSTBUSTERS, but this one is made to hang on your wall. He is made of laytex ,with resin teeth,and stuffed with cotton to keep him light. He is mounted on a 12inchX 13inch wood plack painted to look like red brick, with a rod so that he looks like he is floating. he is a full prop (360) the only hole is the one the rod goes in to hold him up.He has 40lbs picture wire on the base so he is ready to hang.
Slimer is airbrushed with latex paint along with glow in the dark paint then covered in a flex gloss top coat. He will glow in the dark and in black light!
From the wood base to Slimer's fingers is 21inches long, Slimer himself is 17 1/2 inches long.  He is also 17 inches wide, and 15 1/2 inches tall ( head to belly) over all he is a big prop." 

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