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Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Joe Luna of the Ghostbusters of Southern California

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°22 (2012)  "Interviews Ghostheads" Joe Luna of the Ghostbusters of Southern California

Joe, tell us about you. Who are you? What do you do? Do you have other hobbies?
In "real life" I am an equipment mechanic, husband, and father to my 5 year old GB. Outside of the GB hobby I drive a race car and I collect vintage Transformers toys.

How was the passion for GB born?
My attraction to GB started as a kid just like most everyone. I remember running around with a regular back pack and a toy gun pretending to chase down Slimer and other ghosts  As an adult it was brought back when my son discovered the RGB cartoon. I found GBfans and was introduced to the prop making hobby and became hooked.

Why and when did you start to create your equipment?
The first piece of GB equipment I made I guess would be the canvas back pack and toy rifle pack I had as a kid, lol, but my first real pack was built in early 2011 and since then I think I've built 5-6 packs.

Azusa, Ca Relay For Life
GBofSC with Robin Shelby
We see that you've participated in many events. Which has been your favorite event until now and why?
I have had the chance to attend so many cool events since joining our group that it is hard to narrow it down to one favorite. The most full filling has to have been the Relay For Life though. Relay is a fundraising event for cancer research.

What does it mean to be a Ghosthead?
The term Ghosthead to me really describes some one who can watch and enjoy any GB movie, cartoon any time any where. As for me, I thrive on the prop building. Building packs, never gets old for me.

Tell us about Ghostbusters of Southern California.
GBofSC is the franchise formerly known as the Southern California Ghostbusters. The reason for the change is a long and boring story. Our group focuses mainly on having helping people promote their event or charity. We recently supported a group called Eat|See|Hear here is SoCal who plays classic movies outdoors on a huge inflatable movie screen. We also enjoy conventions, parades, haunted houses, etc. Pretty much any reason to suit up!

What are your plans for Halloween and for the future?
Halloween will be a quiet one this year for me. I will be spending it with my wife and son. We will trick or treat I'm sure, hopefully watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, typical family stuff. As for GBofSC, we were invited to be a part if a ghost hunt by a group called Hidden LA (Los Angeles). They are having an event called Halloween @ the Barn and it sounds like it will be a fun time.
Well 2012 is almost over, hopefully I can just make it through the rest of this year. As for next year, I'd really like to build my own pack shell from scratch, expand the start up prop studio, 107Studios, I started with my friend Don, I also hope that GBofSC can do many more events and bring smiles to people's faces.

Now, to conclude, do you want to say “hallo” to all the fans in the world?
Lastly I would like to thank Ghostbusters Mania for all you do. The updated news, buster profiles. It's all awesome. I was very proud to have been asked to provide updated info at SDCC 2012 regarding the announcement of the Ecto Goggle prop and final figures from Matty Collector and now this interview. Keep up the good work!

To all the GB's around the word I would like to say keep the GB passion alive, keep striving to build the best props you can and please leave Bill Murray alone about GB3. Just have fun!

Thanks so much Joe Luna by GBMania!

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