lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

Fans: Dalton the great fan of Ghostbusters!

Who you gonna call? Ghostbuster Dalton and his group!

Publish this letter with honor! Ghostbusters forever!

"My nephew who is now 11 is crazy about Ghostbuster I am really not sure where he gets it, because the last time I knew this film was back in 1984  and the second shortly after that and the real ghostbusters cartoon has not been around for years.  But Dalton is consumed with GB so much so he ask me to build him A proton pack in 2010 going by the plans on GB board we worked 2 months getting this pack to the way he, my nephew wanted it. The pack has working lights and sounds and not sure about the slimer green canister, I dont remember that in the movie but that is what he wanted.  The next year in 2011 we ,my wife and I built him his own Ecto 1 again not movie accurate but what he wanted with slimmer green waste hoses instead of blue.  He also got the Matty PKE Metor and the Matty ghost trap for xmas, the kid sleeps with them.  I thought it was A faze but I think he is turning into a real Ghostbuster."

Dalton a real Ghostbuster!

Proton Pack!

Awesome Ecto-1

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