giovedì 5 luglio 2012

Props: Original Hero Sreen-Used Proton Pack $60,000 - $80,000 - Ghostbusters 1984

756. HERO SCREEN-USED PROTON PACK FROM GHOSTBUSTERS. (Columbia, 1984) The proton pack is a portable particle accelerator allowing the ghostbuster to contain and hold “negatively charged ectoplasmic entities.” This hero screen-used proton pack measures 33 in. tall (with“wand” secured on pack) x 19 in. wide and is mounted on an aluminum backplate secured on a military backpack frame. It is constructed of a  berglass shell adorned with resin, aluminum, steel and acrylic parts, including 1960s resisters, pneumatic ttings, hoses, ribbon cable and warning labels. The interior features the original mid-1980s electronics and circuitry that allowed the prop to illuminate and cycle as seen in thelm, although it has not been tested. Cosmetically in Fine condition with very few missing parts. An impressive and immediately recognizable icon of modern screen comedy and science ction. This remains as the only original hero proton pack we have ever encountered. Weight is approx. 30 pounds. Special shipping arrangements will apply. $60,000 – $80,000

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