lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Review: Hallmark’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Menace Ornament

By Zack Myers - Several years ago, Hallmark released a Ghostbusters Christmas ornament of the classic Ecto-1 car. Well now, here is the brand new Stay Puft Marshmallow Menace ornament of everyone's favorite fluffy sailor. His likeness is so great, he looks like he stepped right out of the movie. With many fans being disappointed with some of the more recent likenesses of Stay Puft, you won't want to miss picking this guy up. With the press of a button, he plays a brief clip of the Ghostbusters theme song. This is sure to be scooped up by Ghostbusters fans everywhere so don't miss your chance to add this great Stay Puft ornament to your collection and hang him on your Christmas tree this year!

Thanks so much Zack!

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