venerdì 12 ottobre 2012

Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Joe of the West Virginia Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°21 (2012)  "Interviews Ghostheads" Joe of the West Virginia Ghostbusters

Hello I'm Joe Miner of the West Virginia Ghostbusters. I design and build custom parts for all kinds of movies and shows.

My passion for GB was born with me I can't remember a time when GB wasn't part of my I use to watch The real Ghostbusters every saturday morning and the bus I rode every morning from school use to pass a cadillac hurst that I always told everybody I would buy and make into the Ecto-1. 22 years later I bought it!

Far from being an Ecto I have high hopes in restoring her one day. I actually have 3 make shift ecto 1's right now we use for charitys birthdays and parades. Being a ghosthead has brought me a lot of happiness and other people. In a world of pain and suffering I think it is awesome that a 26 year old movie can raise money to battle todays sickness and diesease and bring comfort to children in need.

Meeting all the other fans is a treat hearing how they used Ghostbusters to escaped the real world and bring use awesome fan films and custom props is just beautiful. I created my own proton pack when I was 5. I was tired of the monsters under my bed and closet so I decided to build a weapon to combat fear. Looked nothing like the real thing but I had a good imagination.

My parents bought me the bundle toy pack years later. I build my first real deal pack 7 years ago and have built 30 or more since lol. I'd like to tell all the fan out there Hi! and never forget it's not who has the best pack or the most accurate it's about coming together and sharing our love of the film which grew with us and made us the geeks we are today. I hope to see you, all don't be shy if you see me come up and say hi its an honor to meet I fellow ghosthead! Until we meet or meet again, Joe Miner

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