giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Meeting:Ghostbusters Canada to VCON

The Ghostbusters of Alberta Canada are driving their ECTO-1 car from Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia. That's a trip of 1257kms ( almost 800 miles!) Why would they make such a trip over the Candian Rockies? (Coz bustin' makes us feel good!) Actually it's to meet their good friends the Ghostbusters of British Columbia and Ghostbusters of Victoria for the anuual VCON Convention in Vancouver. 4 of Alberta's finest will join the ranks of their closest neighbouring franchises for the first time to work this event which is in its 38th year. The display will include the Ghostbusters of Alberta Canada's ECTO-1 complete with lights, music and sirens, the impressive 8.5' inflatable Stay Puft, various props, 12 or so uniformed Ghostbusters for the public to meet, talk to, and have their photos taken with. Chris Stewart (of Proton Charging) is also attending, and will drop by the busters and their display when he can. All in all this should be a fantastic event, and if you are in the area, drop by VCON. It's on from September 30 - Oct 3 2011, at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport.


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