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Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Patrick of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°17 "Interview with Ghosthead" with Patrick of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters

Patrick, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What are you doing? Other hobbies or interests?
I'm Patrick Creel of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters, I work for a large retail corporation that shall remain nameless.  I enjoy movies and popcorn, more specifically Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama and Extra Butter on my pop-corn... I love reading, graphic novels, and books its mostly comedy books I'm reading now "

Where did you love for Ghostbusters come from?
Fear.  When I was young everything used to frighten me, and then I see this movie about 4 guys who use humor and gadgets to battle the things I was afraid of, IE Ghosts, the World Ending... the things that any normal person would run from these guys took care of.  I love Ghostbusters for this reason. Fear and Comedy go hand in hand.  These guys gave the world a lesson... don't take yourself so seriously and have fun!  

When and why did you start building your GB uniform and equipment?
It was 07, I had always wanted to build props from this film.  There is no better felling to create something out of nothing which is what I believe good prop making is.  There are so many things you can be from popular science fiction, I saw Ghostbusters as that chance to be something I always wanted to be and then the big plus to it all is that I get to be myself in the uniform.  Ghostbusters prop/uniform construction is more than recreating, its about actually putting yourself in it.  Your not a faceless person in a mask you are you when you put on the uniform.  Your personality then becomes a part of Ghostbusters.  I think its the most honest costume you can recreate without wearing a costume if that makes sense.

Dan Aykroyd 
We see that you've participated in many events. What's been your favorite event so far? And why?
That's a tough one, I could say the building excitement when we hosted The Gamestop event for the release of Ghostbusters the video game or I could say it was the Assisted Living Facility event we did where Grandparents Parents Children all gathered around Halloween and had us make an appearance to Judge The residents decorated doorways, it was a really neat event and they had a great sense of humor.  I personal love Doing Regal Stars of Hope, it is a charity event we do that runs in the months of June and July. The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters are asked to come out and Check out various theaters before movie showings start for Ghouls and Ghost. The Stars of Hope Foundations which benefits, Toys for Tots, St Jude's, Boys and Girls Clubs, American Cancer Society.
Michael Gross and Nick Runge

We usually interrupt the commercials before the preview begin at the theater and tell the folks that we have donated our time to raise donations, the patrons and us have a lot of fun at this and really get into the spirit if you will for a great cause.  

We see the covers for IDW, tell us about the experience.
IDW has the license to create and publish Ghostbusters as a comic under the watchful eyes of Sony/Columbia.  IDW however does not have likeness rights to the talent from Ghostbusters IE Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson.  The main man responsible is Nick Runge, he started using my likeness on the short Ghostbusters series "Displaces Aggression".  We then started to work together to give him photo reference shoots of Ghostbusters portraying various roles on the covers for The Holiday one shots that IDW would go onto publish.  Now that Ghostbusters has gone monthly we are continue to do the Photo Reference shoots and so far have done 4 covers with more to come, we have been using Ghostbuster from all over the world to portray these characters.

Comics sale on shop
This has been an extremely humbling experience and I don't know if the reality will ever hit me.  To be apart of Ghostbusters history is pretty heavy and I am incredibly grateful for that opportunity.  I have to say huge thanks to IDW and Nick Runge for allowing the fans to be apart of this Ghostbuster comic phenomenon.

Tony Scoleri Costume
What does the term "Ghosthead" mean to you? Why did you get involved with a "franchise"? 
I'm a Ghostbuster, its means more than a bunch of pieces of plastic on my back, it means more than 100's photos were asked to take, it means more than... well myself.  It's a logo that I have decided to represent to the best of my ability.  To show that saving the world doesn't mean you have to defeat 100 foot marshmallow man, but maybe its putting a smile on somebodies face.  Maybe its about showing someone something they didn't even know about till they saw you- IE "KIDS".
I didn't get involve with it, it more or less got me to help with the birth of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters, it was a snowball effect in 07 it kept growing and growing, and people saw us and either wanted to be involved with us or wanted to have us involved in what they were doing. Whether it is Charity, Appearances, Showings ETC.  It was just the nature of the beast for us, and I have enjoyed every second of it.

What does it mean to you the The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters?
It means if anything community and working together to do and accomplish Great things, we have a lot of un-sung heroes at The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters who have helped us grow into something I don't even fully understand.  Greg Baker helping to create a Tony Scolori costume to David Anderson brilliance to help me make a full size containment unit, to also the mentor ship of one Randy Cooper Model/Prop professional.

Plans for the future? Want to make a greeting to all GBFans?
I being a Ghostbuster... don't make plans, I just go with the flow of the moment and where ever it leads me/us as a group I'm happy with that alone. We always do our best to stay sharp... and make the best decisions, that we can for ourselves as a group and so far everything has been going AMAZING!

Chevy Chase

Michelle Rodrigize
Containment Unit with Viewing Screens

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