martedì 1 novembre 2011

Meeting: Arizona Ghostbusters Phoenix Zombie Walk Recap

On Saturday, October 29th, 2011, the Arizona Ghostbusters teamed up with the Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors and the Department Of Zombie Defense to host the 3rd Annual Phoenix Zombie Walk. The Walk was the big event at the Halloween Festival helad in the historic Heritage Square Park in downtown Phoenix. Entry for the walk was canned food donations to the local St. Mary's Food Bank. Zombie Make-Up was also provided for additional donations. 


Almost 4000 zombies were in attendance, doubling last year's participation numbers. Almost a mile of downtown streets were closed while a police escort led the Ecto-AZ and the Arizona Ghostbusters on the route warning passers-by of the zombie outbreak. The Zombie Horde stretched for almost 5 full blocks. The Department of Zombie Defense helped keep the Zombies in line throughout the walk. This has been by far the largest event we have helped organize and can't wait to break our record next year.

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