mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Petition to make Lego Ghostbusters!

Ghostbusters Lego? Would be great!

"Support making a LEGO series for one of the most profitable franchise of all time! With a third movie in the works, now would be an amazing time for the release of Ghostbusters sets. Sets like the ECTO-1, Dana's Apartment rooftop, the Ghostbusters HQ, Slimer in the Sedgwick Hotel, Terror Dog attack on Louis... these are the sets that come to my mind for the first movie, but there is so much more possible!
Minifigures could include the four Ghostbusters, Dana, Louis, Walter Peck, Janine, Zuul, Vince Clortho, Terror Dogs, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and more!
Let's make like Minecraft and be the second CUUSSO project to get reviewed by the LEGO Group!"



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