mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

Ghostbusters Mania: "Interviews Ghostheads" Christian of The Miami Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present  N°14 (2012) "Interviews Ghostheads" Christian of The Miami Ghostbusters. (Next interview, Friday)

Christian, tell us about you. Who are you? What do you do? Do you have other hobbies?
Hi, My name I Christian Tejada and I’m the “Techie” of the Miami (305) Ghostbusters. I’m originally from Queens, NY but I moved down to Miami Fl about 20 years ago. Right now I have a day job but also repair computers and work as a web designer for an online company that’s starting up. Besides ghostbusting, I like to draw, tinker with other projects including prop building and so on. I have other hobbies but it’s a lot to put up lol.

How was the passion for GB born?
When I was 5 I saw the movie in the theaters and I was like “soooo cool” During the years after, even when I was in living in the Dominican Republic, they would show it on HBPO an I was also tune in to watch it and even act out the movie with my twin brother. I was always Egon, because he would get the chocolate bar lol. After I got back to the states I started watching the cartoons every chance I got and get some of the toys. And my love for the ghostbusters never stopped.

Why and when did you start to create your equipment?
I started building my first proton pack in the summer of 2010 for Halloween after I had built one out of cardboard for a friend’s son the year before. I was so determined to have one for Halloween that I started really researching my optionsin building one. Since I had no real space and no tools to do it, I had bought a styrene shell to have most of it done. Well after Halloween I started to make a trap and belt gizmo and wanted to go to Wizard con that was coming up.

We see that you've participated in many events. Which has been your favorite event until now and why?
I think my favorite event that we have done so far I think was our first convention at Florida Super Con. We had so many people coming to us and really admiring our props, so we liked the fact that our hard work paid off. We were asked to do photo shoots and even got interviewed for a cosplay independent film too. We didn’t expect any of that to happen but it was fun.

What does it mean to be a Ghosthead?
A ghosthead is someone who loves the ghostbusters universe and would do anything to be a part of it and live it.

Tell us about Miami Ghostbusters.
Well Miami (305} Ghostbusters, (the 305 is put in there because of our logo and everyone that see it in the cons calls us the 305 ghosbutsters) are a bunch of guys that like any ghosthead, loves to be a ghostbuster and show their love of the ghosbusters movie, cartoons and franchise. We all started when Steve Love found me on and asked if I wanted to start a group here in Miami. I said sure why not, I was going to wizard con to find some fans to do the same. We ended up going to Wizard con and got to meet Ernie Hudson and even meet the Orlando Ghostbusters, so it was like our look into having a franchise of our own. During the Con, I met Nick Roldan and we spoke about how my pack was made and he mentioned how big of a fan he was of ghostbusters and how he dressed up as one for Halloween too. SO I asked him if would be interested in starting a franchise with me and Steve and he was really into that idea. That same night when I got back from the con, I got a facebook message from Ralph Escorcia saying that a friend of his met me and I told him that I had a group and let him know about one being formed in Miami. Well to make a long story short, we met later that week and we just clicked and the week after that we started building props and the rest is history. We have done a few events and just finished doing a walk for the march of dimes.

What are your plans for 2012?
For 2012, we are again hitting up Florida Super con and and building a new prop that we will unveil there. We hope to make other evens here in Miami that we can find plus maybe head up to Orlando and meet up with the other franchises as we did last year, that was a lot of fun.

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