giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Fans: Awards "Thank You fans"!

Because it's nice to be fans of Ghostbusters? Why we're fans of the fans. We all know that being fans of Ghostbusters is not easy, partly because it is a movie of the 80s, and because the equipment was not bought, but made in house. Fortunately, there are fans in the world with their passion to help manage, share and nourish this wonderful world. Reported by fans, Ghostbusters Mania, is starting to release a series of international awards called "Thank You" to say thanks to all those who make things for the fans and help the Ghostbusters community. We start with the awards Mirko Guglielmin known as the great "Guusc", which helps the gb italian community since 2007 in realizing the dream of having an unauthorized nuclear accelerator on his back and video enthusiasts.

If you want to contribute to signal the commitment of fans to deserve a "Thank You", send us the name and the motivation to:
The next could be you! We believe in you!

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