giovedì 28 giugno 2012

The Golden Ghost Awards return! Now with celebrity judges and categories!

We're Back!  Completely overhauled and ready for a summer of excitement, the Louisiana Ghostbusters Golden Ghost Awards fan film contest has returned!

Every wonder what a real Ghostbuster would think of your fan film?

Think your acting chops or effects shine above the competition?

Fancy a fun way to benefit breast cancer research?

This summer's Ghosties will feature many of the great aspects of last year's competition like a custom trophy and widespread exposure for your project as the only Ghostbusters fan film contest with some MAJOR differences:

"We've got judges like Ernie Hudson, Producer Michael Gross, and actress Robin Shelby lined up to view and critique your work in 5 awesome categories!"
  • Instead of a popular vote your film will be viewed an critiqued by cast and crew of the actual Ghostbusters films and cartoons!
  • Hand-picked superfans from around the world, most with television and film backgrounds, will also get to select their favorites!
Categories will be judged like:
  1.  Best Ensemble Cast
  2.  Best Visual Effects
  3.  Best Original Script
  4.  Best performance by an actor or actress
  5.  Best Overall Fan Film
More awards will be given out this year so that you have not two (last year) but six opportunities to win Golden Ghost swag and claim the bragging rights that your fan film stood out in its category!

For details, click over to and get ready to submit your film for competition starting July 1st!

Submission fees in the form of donations to the American Cancer Society will be requested for each category your film is submitted in.
Multiple films may be submitted per applicant.
Entrants from last year are encouraged to return as the contest has completely changed.


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