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GBMania: The first interview of 2012! With Monyka Igielski of the Arizona Ghostbusters.

We begin 2012 interviewing ...
Ghostbusters Mania: interviews with Ghostheads!
Ghostbusters Mania is proud to present "Interviews
with Ghostheads" with Monyka Igielski of the Arizona Ghostbusters.

We salute Monyka's great passion.

Monyka, tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What are you doing? Other hobbies or interests?
My name is Monyka Igielski, and I have been a member of the Arizona Ghostbusters for just over a year and a half. Until just recently, I have worked as a PC/ audio visual technician for over 12 years. In a few weeks I will be going back to school to earn a degree in computer science. Yes, I am a nerd, but also a proud geek as well. I love learning new things. With prop making, I have learned quit a few new skills. Everything from screen printing, to Ardunio tinkering, to styrene building, to resin molding and next up, WELDING!

Monyka Igielski
Where did your love for Ghostbusters come from?
I was a big fan of the cartoon first, then the movies. I was into Care Bears and Pound Puppies as well, but Ghostbusters was something else. I think I was the only girl running around with a toy proton pack, back in the day. I even had the trap! *Sigh* I have no idea whatever happened to them, but my mom did save my 6 inch figures from RGB. I almost cried. I was so happy. She said I reacted as though it was Christmas morning! Thanks Mom for never throwing anything away!

When and why did you start building your GB uniform and equipment?
I started to put together my uniform, before I even heard back from our Captain, Jeff Lewis. I had seen the Arizona Ghostbusters at the 2010 Phoenix Comic Con. I just remember seeing the booth and telling my boyfriend, at the time, that I would be right back and I RAN! I knew, whatever they were about, I wanted to be part of it. It just so happened, around that time, I had been thinking about helping out my community, but I didn't know what I should do. It was serendipity!

Arizona Ghostbusters do a lot of charity events. Tell us about this and your experience.
Very true, we as a group, have at least one event a month. October, you could say, is one of our busiest months of the year. With charity walks and events, we also have this little holiday called, Halloween that many people love to celebrate. The Zombie Walk for this year (2011) was a blast. With 4000+ people dressed as zombies was a sight! It is because of events like this, we were able to bring in over 1500+ pounds of canned food for our local food bank!

Ernie Hudson
We see that you've participated in many events. What's been your favorite event so far? And why?
That is really, really tough. Don't get me wrong, 2011 Phoenix Comic Con was a blast. Mr. Ernie Hudson and Mr. William Atherton were wonderful. A few short weeks later I was able to meet with Mr. Dan Aykroyd at a Crystal Head event. The Zombie Walk and of course the Fiesta Bowl Parade were fun, but it is when I have the opportunity to give toys to kids who can't make it home for Christmas... that is one of my favorite and most difficult things to do.

Childrenís Cancer Network
We as a group were able to collect toys for the Childrenís Cancer Network, but only a couple of us could actually go and deliver them. I know I am not going to cure cancer. I know I am not a super hero. To be able to make a kid, who is connected to several different machines, who doesn't have hair, and whose parents haven't slept in days, smile and laugh, playing with something I brought in for them, makes dressing up as ghostbuster, worth it!

Arizona Ghostbusters!
What does the term "Ghosthead" mean to you?
The term "Ghosthead" to me is someone who is completely hardcore in the prop making side of things. Am I a "Ghosthead"? Yes and no. I loved making my packs. I love looking into the details and figuring out ways on how to make a pack look the part, but not cost an arm and a leg. Please understand I would LOVE to have the most accurate pack out there. I read the forums. I take notes. I just don't NEED a super accurate pack to volunteer as an Arizona Ghostbuster. When I am walking 3 miles for MS in 80 degree weather, no one is going to say, "Hey where did you get your light hats?" Or when I am doing a toy drive, no one is going to say, "Why do you have a GB1 crank knob, when you have a GB2 ribbon cable?" For me, I am a volunteer first and ghostbuster second!

Plans for the 2012? 
We are going to have a mini break in January, but we will start to pick up soon after. We are working on plans for 2012 Phoenix Comic Con. We also have a couple of new rookies that need some training. We are still trying to set up a Northern Arizona firehouse. More props are in the works. Our Tucson guys are getting busy as well. This is going to be a great year!


 Thanks so much Monyka Igielski, thanks so much Arizona Ghostbusters!


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