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Charities: Louisiana Ghostbusters - Relay for Life 2012

By Louisiana Ghostbusters: On Saturday and Sunday, April 28th-28th, The Louisiana Ghostbusters completed their second annual trip out to one of Louisiana's many Relay for Life events which take place annually to benefit the American Cancer Society.

At the event, the franchise, which was joined by co-members from the Mississippi Ghostbusters pledged to take to the track with their Ecto Spirit Stick and keep it moving on the track, always with at least 2 Ghostbusters moving through the night for the entire 14 hour Relay event along with other teams and cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones.

The event actually took place at an airport and utilized a tarmac with arches of balloons set up by East St. Tammany Parish's Relay organizers as a course for the Relay event.

While 2 `busters were walking hundreds of loops on the course, other team members manned the LAGB tent and booth which was sandwiched by Louisiana's ectomobiles, Ecto-LA1 and Ecto-LA2. The booth provided dozens of folks the opportunity to suit up for buster shots which would be emailed back to donors with full proton stream effects. This allowed the team to further its earnings for the American Cancer Society and in the end the total was nearly double what LAGB and MSGB had set out to earn!

The event, like last year, was a huge success and was the Louisiana Ghostbusters' biggest charity event of the year.

Louisiana Ghostbusters is a public-service-oriented open-costuming Ghostbusters Franchise and strives to "Save the Day one Charity at a Time" in some way at each and every one of its monthly events with the help of movie-accurate props and costumes featuring Proton Packs, modified Ectomobiles, Zuul and Gozer costumes, and many other unique items and looks from the Ghostbusters franchise of films, television shows, and games.

LAGB and MSGB had in total over 17 costumed Ghostheads present this past weekend. At around midnight, rare LAGB Challenge coins were awarded to the top earner for the event and several outstanding performers within the organization for their above and beyond efforts to keep LAGB a positive force in fandom and around the state of Louisiana. The teams wrapped up the evening of nonstop pavement-pounding with a farewell IHOP breakfast and a well-earned rest the Sunday after.

Defiance County!

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