venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Video: IDW's Ghostbusters: Inside Look by

Inside look at IDW's Ghostbusters ongoing comic series with writer Erik Burnham, artists Dan Schoening, Tristan Jones and Cross the Streams hosts Brendan Mertens and Matt Prov.

Ghostbusters: Haunted America is a four part series (9 - 12) which will unfold this summer. Additionally, two trade paperback volumes are available for those looking to catch up on the series.

Ghostbusters Volume 1 (issues 1 - 4)

Ghostbusters Volume 2 (issues 4 - 8)

Audio courtesy of Cross the Streams podcast (episodes 16 & 20).

by Chad from"I've been working on a promo video based on episodes from Cross the Streams for a few weeks now. In typical fashion, I've been kicking around the idea for about a year and finally got around to it. I just uploaded the video (my first project in After Effects, nothing to write home about) and plan on promoting it tomorrow.  Please feel free to share it on your respective Ghostbusters sites.
I will be focusing on bringing the Ghostbusters Message Board back online to its new home,  Although I've been working on various Ghostbusters-related projects through the years, I look forward to building out the site throughout the year and becoming an active member of the community again after a bit of a hiatus."

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