lunedì 9 luglio 2012

GBSite: Spook Central is having a special event this Summer

Spook Central is having a special event this Summer.  All throughout the month of July, and possibly the rest of the Summer, I will be posting Shot On Site articles on Spook Central detailing newly-discovered Ghostbusters filming locations.

Here's the schedule of when the articles will appear, each at Noon (Eastern) time. If a date has passed, then it's already on the site :-)

7/04 - GB2 Orrefors
7/09 - GB1 Reporter
7/12 - GB1 Flipped Ecto-1 Shot
7/16 - GB2 "Gracie Mansion"
7/19 - GB1 Wandering Louis Shot
7/23 - GB1 Undead Cabbie Scene
7/26 - GB1 Ray With Trap
7/30 - FDR Drive In Both Films

As of right now, I only have one more left to do: Chinatown. It encompasses two movie shots, one of which will be a bit tricky to do, so this one might appear by the end of the Summer.  If any new locations are identified - and I'm looking squarely at one of you when I say that - they will be done in August.

If the schedule is updated, you can find out at

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